Month: May 2021

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With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, many people wonder what specific effects marijuana has on the body. This video addresses the different ways marijuana can be taken, how these differ from one another and different provincial and federal marijuana regulations. This video was made by McMaster Demystifying Medicine students Navjot Mann, Monica Takahashi,
#AskWim #weed #music #yoga #fear #qanda This Q&A episode we talk about music instruments, smoking weed, fear, and favorite yoga poses. Do you have a question to #AskWim? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll answer them in our next episodes! If you’re enjoying this type of videos don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE
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In dem Video diskutiere ich die Vor- und Nachteile der inhalativen Applikation des nicht psychoaktiven Phytocannabinoids Cannabidiol mitttels E-Zigaretten. Empfehlungen von Konsumenten über verlässliche und/oder günstige Quellen für CBD und CBD-Liquids sind erwünscht. “Empfehlungen” von Händlern und Herstellern interpretiere ich allerdings als unerwünschte Werbung, die ich kommentarlos lösche. Relevante Links: Empfehlungen zur Risikominimierung des Canabiskonsums
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Jorge Cervantes shares his knowledge about the different soil amendments used in commercial soils for growing cannabis. He also explains how to mix a variety of soil amendments to get the best bang for your buck. Forum: Questions to Jorge: Books: Twitter: Tweets by JorgeCervantes Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:
Under federal law, even legal marijuana is illegal. John Oliver explains why conflicting drug laws pose serious problems. Connect with Last Week Tonight online… Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: Follow us on
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We caught up with Liz Carmouche, one of MMA’s most lethal fighters, at Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo(#CWCBExpo) in Los Angeles, CA. #CWCBE2018 Liz is here talking about Hemp Meds and their line of CBD products. Liz touched on Hemp Meds topical salve for her recovery, some of the tinctures she uses to battle