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CBD consumers trying to make sense of terms like “full spectrum” and “broad spectrum” on labels are getting some help in New York state, where new rules for hemp extracts are winning praise from some in the hemp industry who say they could serve as a template for future state or federal action. Hemp operators
(Photo courtesy of Trilogene Seeds) (A version of this story appeared earlier on Marijuana Business Daily.) An early cold snap that swept through Colorado this week drove temperatures below freezing and dumped inches of snow, potentially destroying valuable hemp plants nearing harvest. The crop damage also hit outdoor-grown marijuana and will likely disrupt the supply
Before he became a full-fledged advocate for full-spectrum cannabinoid products, Tim Gordon admits he was fascinated with the potential of CBD alone. “My passion was CBD and understanding this Swiss Army knife of molecules,” Gordon told Hemp Industry Daily editor Kristen Nichols during HID’s latest webinar. Gordon, the founder and chief science officer of full-spectrum
A Colorado hemp and CBD company with a special focus on tapping customers who golf has settled a distribution partnership with a large golf-club management and marketing company to expand the brand’s reach in the sector. Functional Remedies’ Synchronicity full-spectrum hemp oil will be distributed through golf clubs and managed by Scottsdale, Arizona-based Troon throughout
In just two years, the number of specialty pet stores that carried Colorado-based Functional Remedies’ CBD products increased dramatically, going from 100 to 500 – underscoring the fast growth of a market that’s now reaching mass-market retailers like Petco and PetSmart. “More and more people are understanding how CBD and how hemp-based products can enhance
An organic hemp-oil manufacturer in Colorado has appointed a dietary-supplement industry veteran to oversee inventory, extraction and manufacturing. Asa Waldstein will take on the role of senior vice president of operations for Functional Remedies, the company said Tuesday in a statement. Waldstein previously served as VP of operations and regulatory affairs at Advanced Extraction, and as
(This is the third part of a weeklong series from Hemp Industry Daily examining hemp industry salaries, hiring and recruiting trends. Using exclusive data compiled by the data team at Hemp Industry Daily, we’re examining the latest hiring and compensation trends. Part One looked at how hemp salaries have changed since federal legalization. Part Two compared hemp salaries and tobacco-industry salaries.