Presented By: Jaime Brambilia Speaker Biography: My wife Nicole and I started our journey in the cannabis arena in 2016 when we opened a small delivery in Southern CA. We quickly found ourselves answering serious health questions from patients in severe physical distress, looking for absolute relief from their chronic conditions. Webinar: Case Study: Metastatic
Israel’s health ministry says the country now has the world’s highest per capita rate of medical marijuana use. Around 9.000 Israelis with serious injuries or illness have access to prescription cannabis and doctors there are learning more about the benefits of the plant, that go beyond pain relief. Al Jazeera’s Cal Perry reports from Jerusalem.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one the natural product obtained from cannabis species which is free of psychoactive side effects hence useful in the treatment of epilepsy. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an another related cannabinoid which acts as partial agonist on cannabinoid receptors therefore shows psychoactive symptoms like hallucinations and drug addiction. On the other hand, CBD acts
In this webinar Joseph Sirven, MD, Barry Gidal, PharmD, FAES, and Anup Patel, MD discuss cannabidiol as an epilepsy treatment. Topics include treatment advances, terminology, legal considerations, and more. Learn more at You can also call our 24/7 Helpline at 800-332-1000 Follow us on social media. Twitter – Instagram – Facebook –
Cada vez más países regulan el uso del cannabis medicinal, pero ¿sabemos qué es? ¿Cuáles son sus beneficios? ¿Cuánta evidencia hay de su efectividad? Entérate en nuestro primer episodio sobre Cannabis Medicinal. Fuentes: Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Medical Marijuana Use: A Brief Riview Cannabinoid dose and label accuracy in edible medical cannabis
We caught up with Liz Carmouche, one of MMA’s most lethal fighters, at Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo(#CWCBExpo) in Los Angeles, CA. #CWCBE2018 Liz is here talking about Hemp Meds and their line of CBD products. Liz touched on Hemp Meds topical salve for her recovery, some of the tinctures she uses to battle
In this class you will learn how to create the most effective Cannabis/CBD remedies in your own home kitchen. We will explore the cannabis/hemp plant’s phytochemistry and extraction techniques, and learn how to accurately dose finished products. Presenter: Stephanie Boucher, VT-based clinical herbalist and cannabis coach, specializing in CBD products. This workshop recording comes from
Presented At: LabRoots | Precision Medicine Virtual Event 2018 Presented By: Jahan Marcu, PhD, PFC – Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Americans For Safe Access Speaker Biography: Jahan Marcu, Ph.D., is currently the Chief Science Officer at Americans for Safe Access (a medical cannabis patient advocacy non-profit) and Director of the Patient Focused Certification program,
Cannabis is one of the most widely used substances around the world. As governments begin to decriminalize and legalize the usage of this substance for recreational and medicinal purposes there are many grey areas and unchartered territories when it comes to this substance. Furthermore, as Cannabis begins to be used for the treatment of many
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In this video, Ben Semmens – 13 Seeds Head of Nutrition gives you an introduction to our Hemp Oil Capsules. This includes the benefits, the uses and what it goes great with!