(Editor’s note: This story is part of a recurring series of commentaries from professionals connected to the hemp industry. Julie Lerner is CEO of PanXchange, a commodity trading platform and benchmark price provider.) Basing the multibillion-dollar, pie-in-the-sky forecasts for the U.S. addressable market for CBD on retail shelf prices disturbs me. It’s as illogical as
RAMM Pharma, a cannabis-based pharmaceutical company with products in several Latin American countries, has bought a 49% stake in the Sicilian CBD processing company Canapar. Based in Toronto, RAMM purchased the shares from the cannabis venture-capital firm Canopy Rivers. Under the agreement, RAMM paid $7 million cash to Canopy Rivers to buy a little more
A Colorado extraction company has hired a new director of sales. Greeley-based Vantage Hemp Co. said in a news release Tuesday Christian Santi’s responsibility will be to expand the company’s sales in the U.S., Europe and South America. “The addition of Christian to our team reinforces our promise for data-driven, consistent and premium CBD extracts
Entrepreneurs in the young hemp industry are often still working to develop consistent processes for handling the production flow of their goods and services, from their raw components to the end product. Developing a stable framework helps companies efficiently control product quality, inventory levels, timing and expenses to quickly deliver high-quality, consistent products to the
A wholesaler of hemp-derived ingredients has acquired a Colorado-based processing and extraction company. Kadenwood’s EcoGen Biosciences of Grand Junction, Colorado, is adding a 50,000-square-foot production campus in Delta, Colorado and 165 acres of farmland as part of the deal. Terms were not disclosed. EcoGen said in an announcement this week that “the newly added facility
An Alabama hemp company has opened a 75,000-square-foot extraction and processing facility near the Geoirgia border, with plans to speed manufacturing the region. Arbor Vita8 announced the opening of the plant Monday, saying the new facility aims to “bolster this region’s efforts to be a significant contributor and leader in the hemp industry.” The processing
Cannabis lab technicians can make the perfect oil, but the accompanying hardware needs to be on par for the customer to have a quality experience. (Photo courtesy of The Blinc Group) (This story appears in the October issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Cannabis extraction companies labor over making perfectly flavorful and potent oil. But if
New York’s state health department has released regulations for making and selling hemp extracts in foods, drinks, vapes and cosmetics. The regulations released Monday put New York alongside other states setting their own standards for edible CBD, flouting federal health guidance that the extract can’t go in food. The sale of smokable hemp flower in
Supermarket trolley with marijuana leafs and medical cannabis oil cbd Consumers are already going gangbusters for CBD in every formulation imaginable. But the current use rate for hemp-CBD products isn’t even close to what it could be when the industry sees federal regulation, which would open up mainstream manufacturing and retail markets even further. For