Debunking CBD Myths And Providing Facts

Welcome to The Cannabis Therapy PotCast, your go-to cannabis talk show! On today’s show your hosts, Earl and Jen, debunk common CBD myths and provide the facts.

Common Myths regarding CBD:
1. CBD is non-psychoactive and medical.
2. CBD is sedating.
3. A little CBD is enough.
4. CBD is the same from hemp or medical cannabis.
5. Cannabidiol works by activating cannabinoid receptors.
6. CBD is legal in all 50 states.

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Starring: Earl Carruthers, Jen O’Dea
Written by: Earl Carruthers, Jen O’Dea, Tamara Bethel
Edited By: Jared Saigh, Jen O’Dea, Tamara Bethel

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