let’s talk cannabis: the stigma and the facts 🌿

let’s get real about cannabis 🌿
Today we’re brewing up a conversation that is definitely more controversial than most; weed. It’s always perplexed me that having the occasional glass of wine would usually go unnoticed and unbothered, but opening up about the occasional use of cannabis comes with so much judgment and stigma. This curiosity and confusion of what was even my own inner judgment and shame led me to do the research to find out why such a harmless plant had such a bad reputation. That’s when I discovered the very complicated history of cannabis that formed a great deal of the stigma it has in society today.

My goal with today’s brew isn’t to convince you that weed is for you. It’s to break down the facts in hopes of breaking down the stigma and opening up the conversation. I also share my own experience with the drug as I go over the pros and cons of over dependancy to casual use.
Alright, pour yourself big cup, we’re jumping right into the deep end of truth and controversy!

Again, this is why I love cosmic brews because we really get to cut into a lot of the more controversial topics that may not be the general, popular opinion.

Cosmic Chapters 💨:
0:00 – Intro
2:17 – What is Cannabis?
7:14 – Understanding the Stigma
12:26 – Ad break
17:12 – Debunking the stereotypes
24:37 – Ad break
30:13 -My personal experience with marijuana

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